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  • Robin Lohmann

    I can probably guess why you’re here.

    You’re missing a few pieces in the puzzle of life.

    And I’m going to let you in on a secret – you, I, everyone has a few missing pieces. Some pieces are lost – irreplaceable. Others add beauty in their emptiness. Still more are replaced, but fail to fully fill the void that was left. It’s how we choose to deal with the emptiness that matters most.

    Multiple projects always lead to multiple successes.

    “No” simply means begin again at one level higher.

    I appreciate passion – the things that drives others forward – to achieve more, work harder and go further to get what they want.

    I, and you, make small, insignificant choices every day, while others could have such an impact that they shape our path for the rest of our lives. What most people don’t understand is that our feelings after taking these decisions can be the biggest influence on how everything plays out.

    There will be numerous people who offer input and insight. But we should always trust our gut in making our own decisions – who knows what you want, better than yourself?

    No choice is perfect.

    When given a choice…. take both.

    As children we are self-assured. We don’t doubt our instincts or second guess ourselves. But as we grow, our fear grows too – we fret over the wrong decisions, fear making a misstep, obsess over alternatives and sometimes are so frozen that we make no choice at all.

    We all like to be the author of our own story. And while there will always be overwhelming choice in this world of abundant options, there will only be one that’s right for you.

    The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.

    When I look at an image of open cages and birds swooping in and out, I’m always reminded of just how vital direction and insight is.

    When we are confronted to face our emptiness, we subconsciously choose the direction of our flight. Some restrict their flight to the inside of the cage, others can’t gather the courage to fly at all, and a handful fly to such great heights that it is impossible to measure the distance.

    We must re-learn to take decisions based on our mindset and be happy with the choices we make. After all, happiness is a choice.

    I aim to make fundamental breakthroughs.

    I want to make this world a better place for generations to follow. If you share this mindset, and are ready to take action in the short space of time we have to make a difference, you must be ready to take on research that others may deem risky, foolhardy even.

    Enlightenment is the space between your thoughts.

    In work there is the chance to find yourself. It is not just an activity that generates funds or creates desire – it’s the wandering gestation period, a time in which you earn integrity, start making plans, and get your proverbial act together. Work is when you confront the problems you might otherwise be tempted to run away from. Work is how you settle your financial and emotional debts – so that your travels are not only an escape from your real life, but a discovery of your real life.

    Always give without remembering, always receive without forgetting.

    I would wish you luck with your journey. But you should know that finding your way to a creative, successful life is always led by your mindset.

    Now might be the time to tell you my story.

    Read all about it, right here.